Monday, May 16, 2011

The Appliance Conspiracy

A friend of mine was mentioning how several appliances in her house have broken down at once. I was not surprised. When you leave the house, the appliances get together and decide who is going to break down next. Usually the plan takes effect right before you have a party or when company is coming.

My vaccum cleaner is ailing and has been grudgingly vaccuming for a couple of years now. However, I know that the day that my company is supposed to arrive this summer, it will decide to stop working forever. I have already picked out the new model that I want to buy, so I am cleverly biding my time.

My large kitchen appliances have a clique, and my washer and dryer, though they are in the laundry room, consider themselves part of that group. First, my dryer went and soon the washer died as well, right when my kids came home from college for the summer, with their dirty laundry. Next, it was my stove that decided to give up the ghost a few days before my son's high school graduation party, when I was baking like crazy. It was followed by the refrigerator, which went on a hot 4th of July weekend when I was going to have company over for a cookout.

They bided their time, but right after the garbage disposal went, the diswasher decided to follow. Since I know about this conspiracy, I had the plumber come and remove the garbage disposal completely and he also hooked up the dishwasher. I never liked the garbage disposal anyway, because frankly, I was terrified that I would accidently slip my fingers inside it, and it would chop them off with it's sharp metal teeth.

Removing the garbage disposal subdued the large appliance conspiracy gang, but I just had to replace my coffee maker. I wonder if the smaller appliances are just as tight knit? For now, I am keeping a sharp eye on my toaster.

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