Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chi, the Lovesick Puppy

Chi is a handsome young man, 16 years old, gets along with his parents, and is a nice person. However, he has a terrible weakness. He develops a powerful puppy love for Celestine, and she of course, is a Creator. The other blockade in his road to romance is that she only views him as a friend, and has no romantic interest in him. That does not stop Chi however, and he is convinced that if he is patient long enough, she will come to her senses. It makes it awkward for Celestine, because whenever Chi touches her, she inadvertently reads his thoughts. It seems that she can't escape him.

In Travels to Fahdamin-Ra, after things settle down a bit between the Masambas and the Creators, Chi is quick to approach Celestine and show her his treehouse. He thinks she is pretty and her powers intrigue him. Later, when she is consoling Chi about his brother having left and gone across the savannah with his Jabulani wife, Celestine promises to travel across the savannah with him and others, to find Chi's lost sibling. At first, Celestine is so overwhelmed by the admiration of the Fahdamins, she chalks Chi's infatuation off as Creator-worship. Later, she discovers how he feels about her and his acute case of puppy love.

When Chi accompanies them on their trip across the savannah, Joel is often puzzled by his sister defending the Masamba teen, when she knows how Chi feels about her. Even though she finds Chi's romantic attentions annoying, Celestine does not tease him or put him down, and she feels protective of him. In her eyes, Joel is being somewhat of a bully to argue with Chi, because her brother is a Creator with loads of powers. Once their journey is ended and they arrive at the island of Yahimba, Chi is busy enough that he stops being a problem.

In Firebloods, Chi does something that really shocks Celestine! It might change their relationship forever.

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