Friday, April 8, 2011

Book Review - Vintage Veronica

I just finished reading "Vintage Veronica" by Erica S. Perl, which is the first novel published by the author. When I was at the library, looking through the Young Adult books (where else?) and I saw the book. It grabbed my attention because I like vintage clothing, and when I started reading the first few pages, I saw that it was about an overweight high school girl named Veronica that works at a vintage clothing store. I was sold, because I could relate to it, having been a fat girl that dressed strangely in high school.

I like the humor that Perl shows throughout the book,weaving it in an out of the story that deals with Veronica's ups and downs. She develops most of the characters so well that you can see Bill, the hippie type, surprisingly insightful salesperson; Eva, the vicious girl that everyone pretends to like because they are terrified of her; and Lenny, the strange boy with the reptile pets who seems to be one kind of person and then another.

Veronica is down on herself at first because of not having friends, being overweight with a disapproving mom, and having her parents go through a divorce.

I was put off by profanity and pot smoking, but I still reccomend this book to anyone who likes Young Adult literature. Even if you were an attractive person in high school, you will find this book enjoyable and it gives you something to ponder when you're done reading it.

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