Monday, April 18, 2011

Celestine of the Travels to Fahdamin-Ra Series

Celestine is the fourteen-year-old girl who starts the Fahdamin-Ra series by being the narrator of the first book. She is based on my daughter Calllista. Like my daughter, Celestine is pretty, a little bossy with her brother, and very observant. She is discerning, picking up a lot of information about people, who are mostly unaware of her observations. She has a lot of common sense and is strong, but sometimes, like her brother Joel, she sometimes wishes that she was not a Creator in Fahdamin-Ra, with so many people depending on her.

Celestine is mature for her age, and that is why it was easy for her to make friends with Jetta and Ka-puki, who are both several years older than her. She makes many friends, but she has people whom she does not like. One of those people was Prince Kayin of Harun. Hopefully, the reader does not blame Celestine for not liking the prince, with his chauvanistic attitude toward women. She was irritated by him and finally, accidently, turned him into a pig. It was then that everyone realized that she was a Creator as well as her brother Joel.

I suppose that you could say that Celestine is a happy person who generally likes everyone as long as they act decently. If they are awful, Celestine does not like them and does not get over that very quickly!

Something that Celestine is having a problem dealing with is her friend, Chi. Normally, she would probably like him, because he is sixteen, handsome, and interested in all sorts of things. However, he has a terrible crush on Celestine, which makes her feel awkward because she is a Creator. Because Fahdamin time runs faster than here, Chi will be 60 years old by the time that she reaches 20. It also does not feel right that she has so much power over him. When he touches her, it is like getting a small electric shock, and Celestine instantly knows what he is thinking. She likes him as a friend, but she wants to give him the message that she is not interested in romance.

Most of the time, Celestine is happy visiting the tribes, checking on the cats she created for the Harun, and having adventures. She liked staying with the different tribes in the first book and seeing how they live, and loved traveling across the savannah in the second book, because they were exploring and having a lot of fun times. I can hint that in the third book, things get tougher, but she still gets to go on adventures, this time as a voyage to the lands in the north part of Fahdamin-Ra.

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