Friday, February 15, 2013


I love to cook and although I don't eat sweets, I sometimes get the urge to make cookies or other desserts. Coworkers were talking about how long it would be until Girl Scout cookies arrived, so I made up a recipe for rolled chocolate cookies and added peppermint oil to the dough. I rolled them out really thin, cut them with my biscuit cookie cutter, and baked them. Afterwards, I melted dark chocolate chips in my little melting pot which looks like a miniature crock pot. I added peppermint oil to that, about 1/2 a teaspoon, and blended it into the chocolate. I dipped the cookies and even though they did not come out nice and smooth like Girl Scout cookies, people in my office loved them and so did my husband. I put some in the freezer so that the next time I visit my daughter I can give them to her.

I have not found a rolled chocolate cookie recipe like the one I have and used to make these cookies. It is from an old Pillsbury cook book, the little ones that used to come out each month. I subscribed to them when I lived in Puerto Rico and some of those cook books are getting fairly beaten up. I found a lot of my favorite recipes in a big Pillsbury cook book and could eliminate some of the books. On my to do list is a chore where I take recipes I love, scan them, and add them to a list. I just added a bunch to ZipList and it is amazing! You can add any recipe to your recipe box, plan meals from them, and they automatically make a grocery list. I was pleased to see that they included Shaws and Hannaford, two major supermarkets around here.

I like having a variety of meals. My planned suppers starting tonight are Spicy Chicken Breasts, Herbed Salmon, Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Five Spice Pork Kebobs, Red Lentil Curry, Minestrone Soup, and Garam Masala Chicken Stew. I know this sounds like an advertisement for ZipList, but it is free! I am the person who cooks most of the meals in my house, so this gives me more time for important things like writing.

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