Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Storybook House

In Full Wolf Moon, the book I am currently writing, my main character, Amelia, lives in a Storybook Tudor house. I have searched but have not found a house to look exactly like her house, but found different elements that resemble what is in my head.

Her house is half timbered on the top floor and stone on the bottom floor. I really like the top floor on this house.

The house below has more visual interest like I imagined for Amelia's house, but the timbers are brown, not green.
This house is more like I had in mind, with the stone first floor and half timbered second floor, but I like the design of the green house above.


All the doors in Amelia's house are arched, like below. They are painted bottle green.

Amelia's house has a slate roof of reddish slates, like this house. I love the decorative design. Tudor Storybook houses have unusual and or decorative chimneys usually.
I will probably have to end up drawing the house so that I get an exact likeness.

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