Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Meet the Characters of Spellbreaker

My newest published book, Spell Breaker, is a little different from my Travels to Fahdamin-Ra series but there are some similarities. Both books start out in Bath, Maine, but move on to another world where magic happens and the main characters are brown kids that change due to their visits to those worlds. They also find that people, even adults, depend on them and their choices.

In Spell Breaker, Tansy is the main character. She is fifteen, a medium height, brown, unaware of how pretty she is, and likes to please people. She is a dreamer and creative person who loves fairy tales and that is why she is given the book, The Enchantress of Caraban, to read by her aunt's friend. When she is drawn into the book and finds herself in Caraban, Tansy is worried about her family missing her but at the same time, she loves being inside a fairy tale world. As she works her way throughout the book with her traveling companions, Tansy starts relying on herself and standing up for what she believes in. Tansy ends up having a lot of conflicts with her cousin Donna, mostly about Chad, the handsome guy that was pulled into the book years before.

Donna's father married Tansy's aunt the November before. (The book takes place around the Fourth of July.) Tansy visits the family and does not know her new cousin Donna or her Uncle Richard hardly at all. Donna is fifteen, an athlete, is tall, blond, and pretty; but she knows it. Her father is harsh, disciplined about physical fitness, but obsessed with how he looks, so Donna has picked up those traits. Richard is very controlling so Donna likes to do what she can to fool him so that she can go off with friends and do things he would not approve of. She is also pulled into the Enchantress of Caraban book but is miscast as the character of Falinda, a part for which Tansy was well suited, so throughout the story, Donna fluctuates between trying to be Falinda or relying on Tansy to do the things Falinda is supposed to do.

Chad Hollingsworth is the handsome guy who is supposed to be the character of Samuel in The Enchantress of Caraban book. He is seventeen, tall, black, easygoing, likes to read and learn, and falls for Tansy even though his character is supposed to be smitten by Falinda. Chad was pulled into the book during the 1930's and he is impressed at the changes that have happened since he has been gone, like the fact that Tansy's dad, a black man, can marry a white woman. He is more mature and gentlemanly than guys Tansy is used to and Chad is one of the reasons that she changes and starts believing in herself.

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