Tuesday, March 26, 2013


In the Fahdamin-Ra series, the Bridges family lives in Bath, Maine. In Spellbreaker, Tansy goes to visit her aunt and uncle who also live in Bath, Maine. The reason is because I live in Bath, Maine and love it.

My Bath is named after Bath, England, which was named after Roman baths that were built in that city because of the hot springs. The Romans called it Aquae Sulis (the waters of Sulis) but Bath is a more catchy name, I think:

Here is a picture of Bath, Maine, City of Ships:

Bath, New Hampshire, Covered Bridge Capitol of New England:

Now to get away from New England with Bath, North Carolina, the first town for the state:

Some Bath locations are so small that I could not find photos of them on the internet. I looked for a list of all the towns/cities named Bath in the United States and here is what I found:

Bath, California
Bath, Illinois
Bath, Indiana
Bath, Maine
Bath, Michigan
Bath, New Hampshire
Bath, New York (town)
Bath, New York (village)
Bath, North Carolina
Bath, Pennsylvania
Bath, South Carolina
Bath, South Dakota
Bath, West Virginia

Is there a Bath near you? Can you send me a photo?

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